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Art and Culture

Storytelling for the Fun of It


with Peter Hornbostel

Calendar Apr 11, 2018 at 5:30 pm, runs for 5 weeks

This course will help you to dig out the stories that are buried within each of us, develop and organize those you want to tell (with a beginning, body and an end),  and learn how best to tell these stories to the people you want to tell them to, be they your kids, extended family, friends, neighbors, the sheriff, or anyone else. Neither memorizing nor writing your stories will be required.

While no special equipment is needed (though a sense of humor helps), students may want to obtain and read a copy of Donald Davis's book Telling Your Own Stories sometime before the course begins.

Note: This class is for new students as well as folks who participated previously.  For the latter, we will work on stories which we did not write, tell, or listen to before.

In addition to the five regular classes, one more date will be announced.  We may also prepare a story show to be presented to the community by any students who would like to participate.

Peter Hornbostel is the Artistic Director Emeritus of the RAAC Community Theater where he has frequently been an actor or a director. He is also a novelist. He is one year older than he was a year ago. He has often told stories to both friends and enemies (one sometimes became the other), in Rappahannock County (including the county jail). and elsewhere. 

Now, he says, there's a good start for a story.

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