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Microsoft Word for Writers


with Michael McLeod

Calendar Mar 26, 2018 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

These two 90-minute classes will show you how to easily take advantage of Word’s ability to effortlessly and transparently format your documents.

You use Word’s spelling checker, but you’re still hitting the space bar and tab key to make your documents look the way they should.

Word is so much more than a typewriter, it’s an extremely powerful word processor that can format complete words, sentences, and paragraphs, even entire documents, on the fly as you work, allowing you to focus on the actual writing.

Note: Each student will need a portable computer to bring to class with MS Word installed and at least one example of a MS Word file of the student's type of documents.

Michael McLeod has been a working writer for 40+ years. His background includes being senior staff writer for a Fortune 500 company and a story analyst* at one of the big three networks. He is the author of three screenplays, four stage plays, and multiple published short stories.

*Story analyst: a person who is paid to evaluate incoming scripts and/or make suggestions about how to fix problems in, or enhance, existing or in-production scripts.

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